Nicholas' Preschool Graduation Movies  
Preschool Movie 1 (2.5 mb)
Preschool Movie 2 (3.9 mb)
Cicada Movies  

Nicholas Shows Cicada 1 (9.9 mb)

Nicholas Shows Cicada 2 (4.2 mb)

Grace Organ Project   For pictures taken on 6/14/03, click on the i >>>
  For pictures taken on 7/26/03, click on this i >>>
After effects of Hurricane Isabel   posted 9/2003   9/19/03

Wasli's Farm Party   posted 9/14/03   8/2/03
Noll's Going Away Party   posted 9/10/03   7/12/03
Jim & Wilma's 50th Wedding Anniversary   posted 9/14/03   6/29/03
Ginny's Cady's Party   posted 9/10/03   5/30/03

TOP House Tour
  Information about Top of the Park, in Silver Spring, MD and vrtual tour of a TOP home. Link to the official community website.

  A short java script slide show of some friends a long time ago!  
Geology Field Camp
  I need names of many of these people, help!  
Mt Shasta
  Trip to Shasta with Kane and Gia before Kane's and Leslie's wedding. Anotated and multimedia!  
August 4-6, 2001
Lesile and Kane's Wedding
  Creative index sheet.  
August 12, 2001
Fondue Party
  java script slideshow of annual fondue party hosted by Rexfords, fondue courtesy of Urban.  
December 27, 2002
Kristina's Birthday Party   At the National Zoo!!   March 3, 2002
More Kristina Bea BDP Pics
posted 9/14/03 March 3, 2002

Nik Pics
  Taken mostly in CA while at wedding  
various dates - posted 10/12/01
Nicholas' 3rd Birthday Party
  Only three pics  
september 28, 2002
Family Photos
  Featuring Nicholas and Kirsten  
various dates up to present day
Kirsten's Christening   Brunch after service   April 6, 2003
Kids fall 2003   general snaps   fall 2003
More general family photos       fall 2003

  A work in progress