Silver Spring, MD 20901





  ____ Geren Road is located in the charming Top of the Park (TOP) condominium community near the heart of Silver Spring, near the intersection of Sligo Creek Parkway and Piney Branch Road.

Access to the popular Sligo Creek trail is via foot-path, minutes from anywhere in the community.

TOP is conveniently located between the Takoma and Silver Spring Metro stations.

It's an enjoyable 15 - 20 minute walk to the Silver Spring Metro Station making commuting to Union Station, and points beyond, extremely convenient.


One of the unique aspects of TOP are the large trees throughout that provide a canopy over the whole community. Most residents cherish this feature which provides many benefits. They're great shade in the heat of summer (and help keep heating costs in check), provide an aesthetically pleasing, park-like environment throughout the community, and help to provide visual screening from the surrounding roads.

A walk around the community reveals it's enchanting quality and unique landscaping. TOP has a very nice pool that is surrounded by security fencing and access is strictly controlled for use by community members and their guests only. There are 166 townhouse-style units in the community; over 80 percent are owner-occupied.



Please check out TOP's website. The "TOP Stats" link has lots of good information about the community, including a site map and floor plans.

  Another positive feature of TOP are the residents and their sense of community. Many are very active with the condo board and community affairs; many have lived here for most of their lives. The turn-over rate of properties at TOP is low because people want to live here - and want to stay.  

TOP is very ably managed by Zalco Realty who works very closely with the active condo board.

The condo association currently maintains about $700,000.00 in reserves for the maintenance and repair of common elements.