As many of you said this past summer, thanks to Mike Sukop for getting us together, albiet on-line. I enjoyed reading the emails and checking out some of your websites.

I encourage you all to send any commentary you may have so that I can improve the captions I provided.

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Albion Basin Hugo Mine (Pegmatite), SD



"Alien Van" Morning outing in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT



Angular Unconformity, Lead, WY Ophire Shale (Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT)



Shopping center in UT (?) Alta Lodge, UT



Bingham Copper Pit, UT (?) Sarah (this is all mine!)



The crew at Mount Rushmore, SD Singers



"Entropy Van" Who knows this guy?



Duff Gold speaking at Hugo Mine, SD

Above Little Cottonwood Canyon. The guy on the left, what is his last name (first name Larry I think)?




"Entorpy on Tour" Wasatch Mts.



Film crew at Wall Drug, SD (They were filming for "You Alked For it") Van Hise Rock talk (was this in wisconsin?)



In Littlecottonwood Canyon I think Z Z Z ......