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As it turned out I didn't have to wait for Kane, Leslie, and Gisa's flight to arrive so I waited in the baggage claim area - only for about 15 minutes before they arrived.
Here Kane is not happy that they arrived safely in San Francisco, he's still laughing about even making it on the flight at all. And in the group shot, Kane, Leslie and Gia are not hugging because they love each other, they're happy that their NINE bags were successfully loaded on ONLY two luggage carts.
On the way to the rental car counter a near catastophy occured when Kane's shoe lace got caught on an untucked identification tag hanging from a bag on Leslie's cart. Neither Kane nor Leslie could stop the carts due to inertia. Here Gia rests after an exausting game of "name that color" with Hoj (although the "Sea Foam" bag is clearly visable, there's not enough light to properly expose the "Forest" one over Gia's left shoulder)


Then it was off to Mt. Shasta. At fourteen thousand, one hundred sixty something feet tall it is a formatable endeaver even for hardened mountaineers like Kane and myself. However, for Gia, a formatable fourteen-year-old it was...FUN!!


Gia: "Omigod, these tights are so stupid, they don't match my shorts OR my sweater!"

Gia: "I really like Ryan, and his hair, it's a cross between Sea Foam and Forest!"


Hoj: "Omigod, Kane that Golden Manteled Ground Squirrel looks ferocious...GIA, DON'T TAKE THAT PICTURE...aarrhhh!

George Bush and Richard Chenney actually stopped by our camp on My. Shasta and we got a picture of them...see!

Kane and Gia

Kane and Hoj.

Only the experienced photographer will realize that each of these shots took hours to stage and shoot.

Hoj standing

Late afternoon on Mt. Shasta

Gia: "This mountaineering stuff is pretty cool...and easy! And my shorts match my shirt -- come on you loosers, LET'S GO!"

Kane: "OK guys, I've got a neat idea for this shot, Gia, you stand there and look natural, Hoj, take you sleeping bag out of your pack and stuff it under you shirt!"

Once we arrived at Helen Lake, only Gia had enough strength to actually stand and take a picture.

One the way to Helen Lake -- The Three Amigos!

The Trinity Alps and Mt Shasta City and environs from Helen Lake.


Mt. Shasta from... Mt. Shasta.

Mt. Shasta from... Mt. Shasta.

"Rember Kane, this is a training run for El Cap!"